Allwood Community Church

About Us

The Allwood Community Church is an open, inclusive, Christian congregation with a mission of healing and hospitality to all God’s people.  In 2011 the congregation was recognized for becoming the 12th Reformed Church Congregation to declare themselves open and affirming of all God’s people. 

Historically, the Allwood Community Church was founded in 1925 by a group of people living in the Allwood section of Clifton, NJ.  They came together in order that they might worship and study together, and provide religious education for their children.   They first met in the local firehouse, and were known as, “The First Non-denominational Church of Clifton.”  In 1930, land at the corner of Chelsea and Merrill Roads, was donated to the congregation by Brighton Mills.  A small church was constructed and the name was changed to “The First Community Church of Clifton.”  In 1932 the congregation voted to be affiliated with the Reformed Church in America while retaining the hospitality, mission and out-reach of its community church roots. 

During the post World War II building boom, the local neighborhood grew by leaps and bounds and the church grew as well.   A Fellowship Hall gathering place was added on in 1949; the Sanctuary was expanded in 1952; and an education wing was constructed in 1956.  

Today, the building continues to be well utilized by numerous scout troops and a nursery school.  The newest construction has been the addition of a Memorial Garden with a Peace Pole at its center which was dedicated on September 11, 2011.  The pole, constructed by our scout troop, holds the prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” in twelve languages. The garden is open to the community and all are invited to sit, rest, and whisper a prayer for peace.

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